Low cost templates instead of costly custom graphic design

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Recently, a customer asked me how much it would cost him to get a new design for his site. There was a time when I would have told him that it would probably cost him at least $1,500 to get a decent design from a reputable Web or graphic design company. But now things are much different, and there are many cheaper options out there.

When I first decided that I wanted to go with the new company/website name, Site Fixers, one of the first things I thought about was how I could get a pretty decent looking website up there that would give the appearance of quality without the high cost that usually goes with it. Then I remembered seeing banners in the midst of my Internet searches that were advertising cheap templates, so I decided to look into it some more.

First, I came across the company Template Monster, which has a pretty nice looking banner that is hard to resist clicking, like this:

They claim to be the world’s #1 templates provider, and I can believe it. I couldn’t believe the selection there! More than 20,000 templates, and also Flash templates, blog templates, CMS templates, logos, and other types of graphics, as well. The thing that made them stand out the most, though, was the average price of these templates. The typical template there, most of which look professionally designed, is around $63. Now that’s a far cry from $1,500.

With all their templates organized in categories, it wasn’t difficult to find many good designs that I might be able to use for my site. In fact, there were too many choices. Even so, I decided to look around and see some of the offerings from other sites.

DreamTemplate - Web Templates
Next, I came to a site called called Dream Template which claims to have more than 5,500 templates at the time of writing, and I was impressed again at all the high quality designs, also neatly arranged in categories and multiple page results. However, with Dream Template, the price was even better: $59.95 for UNLIMITED access to all their templates for one full year.

Now that was definitely a deal I couldn’t pass up, and there was a certain template there that really caught my eye, so I decided to go ahead and buy the one year subscription. Also, I knew I would probably be able to use some of the other templates I saw there for other site ideas I had, and probably even use some of them for my customers.

Now, the template you see at Sitefixers.ca is one of the templates that I downloaded from Dream Template. Of course, I had to modify it a bit to make it my own. The first thing I did was add my own logo to the top, replacing the space holder they had there, and then renamed all the links to match the pages that I would be using for my site. One more thing that I did a bit later was almost completely redo the code. Not that the code had any problems, but it was a bit too bulky for me, and I wanted to slim it down and make it a bit nicer.

So there you have it. I got myself a nice new website for under a hundred dollars, not counting the work I put into modifying it, of course. I’m really happy with it, and now I have a great resource for more templates, if I need them. I’m pretty sure, between Dream Template and Template Monster, that I will be able to find an acceptable design for almost any customer. I highly recommend you check them out, too, the next time you or one of your customers needs a nice, cheap graphic design.

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