Web Design and Development

Web Design is often defined as all the steps required for taking your website from concept to completion. Here at Dominet Web Services, though, we like to define the planning, graphic design, content planning, and pretty much anything outside the realm of actual hands-on coding as Web Design, and the converting of the site design to a fully functioning website through programming and “theming” as Web Development. Labeling it all as Web Design and Development pretty much covers everything without any misunderstanding 🙂

Web Design usually begins with some ideas or a set of needs that will be developed and eventually represented by a unique graphic design of a template that will house all the content for the site with easy navigation. We consider it to be a visual representation of how your site is going to look after it's fully developed and programmed. Depending on your budget or decision, this template could be:

  • A custom graphic design from one of our graphic designers, or
  • An already developed template or theme, modified to match your requirements. The modification could be as simple as adding your own logo or as complicated as rearranging the layout and adding on some custom modules. It will depend on the amount of effort it will take to customize the template, but in most cases, this choice will save you hundreds of dollars in design costs.

Most Dominet Web Services partners have been working in the Web industry for at least 10 years. With that kind of experience and expertise, you can be confident in our ability to handle pretty well any kind of request for new sites, updated sites, and site conversions and modifications. Some examples:

  • Converting your website from a static site to a CMS site for editing your own site content
  • Adding a form to allow people to sign up for a newsletter.
  • Setting up your site for receiving money for products or donations
  • Even something as simple as updating a logo, changing an image, or moving your site from one server to another.
  • We can handle it all!