This project is still currently under development.

I started with an empty database, some asset files, and a theme called Fudge 2 by Showthemes, and have been making good progress.

Unfortunately, the theme’s content or page builder was seriously lacking and I had to modify a lot of different files. That means it wasn’t possible to use a child theme for this website, but since it is a website that gets updated and replaced every year, it was acceptable in this situation.

To give you an example of the kinds of modifications I had to make:

Text content sections in this theme were not full width rows, plus the text content sections didn’t allow you to add a background color or a class. In order to fix this, I had to change several files so that I could start with a full width row, get a background color field in the page builder and display the color in the full width row on the frontend. I also added a new field called “section class” so that class names could be assigned to sections for CSS purposes. Amazing this theme did not have that built in!

I had to modify the files directly such as:
– components/templates/shortcodes/efcb_html.php file for the template changes
– event-framework/components/shortcodes/shortcode-html.php to add in the element_id, background color, and section class
– lib/content-builder/components/sections/class.ef_content_builder_section_html.php to add the background color picker and section class field to the page builder

Anyway, despite the problems with the starter theme itself, the production is going quite well, and I don’t anticipate there will be any huge issues with the rest of the sections and pages that need to be developed for its launch.