Apple After Steve Jobs Death

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founding father, CEO, visionary of what Apple has already done and what Apple could do in the future, inventor, and sales genius, pose the question of, “What will happen to Apple, now that this visionary is dead?”

We can go back to the same old saying that, “No one is indispensible, no one, not even Steve Jobs.” This visionary has worked alongside of many geniuses in order to get his Apple Company up and running and keep it climbing to higher limits every year. Yes, even though this founding father of Apple got this company where it is today, something tells us that to do all of this virtually alone would be an impossible task for anyone, that is, except God himself, and we know that Steve Jobs, as great of a man he was, was not God. He needed a lot of help along the way.

Every CEO has a confidant to share their like dreams and desires for their company, and this person is always someone who shares exactly the same goals, and visions as the CEO. By now everyone within the Apple industry knows that they must keep Steve Job’s vision alive, and there is not anyone else to do this except for Steve’s long-time friend and co-CEO Tim Cook. Tim Cook had to follow in Steve’s foot print and believe, think and act as a clone to Apple and Steve Jobs in order for Apple to continue on its pathway to one of the greatest companies that has ever been known.

Because Steve Jobs is no longer on this earth, should pose no questions about the future of Apple. Steve Jobs was a brilliant man in business, and was not dumb in thinking that his rein would never end. He placed a genius in his CEO seat, and one that he could trust and feel confident in knowing that the Apple name would continue to reach new heights every year.

According to reports, investors and customers of Apple remain confident in the knowledge that Steve Jobs knew what he was doing when he place Tim Cook where he is today. Because they are of like mind and vision Steve Jobs know that there would be absolutely no problems in carrying on with business as he meant it to be carried on.

If Steve Jobs had no problems planning for Apple when he passed away, then neither should the company employees and public fret about what will happen to Apple. It is a sure bet that everything Tim Cook does for awhile will be put under a fine microscope, until he certainly proves his worth, with Jobs not at the helm.

If Steve Jobs trusted this man with his company then who do people think they are in questioning Tim Cook’s approaches to a business entrusted with his care from the perfection stand-point of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook and Steve Jobs shared in this perfection and attention to specific detail in any of the Apple products. Both Steve Jobs and now his successor Tim Cook is notorious at the bargaining table. Tim Cook has been deemed more of a people person, more of a person who stops and weighs situations before firing the gun.

So, the question still remains, “Will Apple survive without Steve Jobs?” Of course it will, and it will reach new heights every year, because Steve Jobs already had done the hard work of placing all the right gurus and key players in position before he died.

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