WordPress, my new favorite Blog/CMS platform

Since the days when open source CMS applications began coming out, I’ve always been a bit unsure about which ones were the best to use for what. At the beginning, none of them were really very good, but now they have evolved and improved so much, there are now too many good ones to choose from.

Drupal versus Joomla

For the last few years, two of the most popular CMS platforms have been Drupal and Joomla. You can even see many job offers today looking for people who can develop using Drupal or Joomla. They are definitely among the most popular, that’s for sure. However, I don’t like either of them, and find their admin systems, especially, to be clumsy and overly-complicated.

Website Baker

My first favorite CMS was one that was not well-known at all when I first started using it. After trying out all the most popular ones, though, and then giving Website Baker a try, I was hooked instantly. It was so much simpler than all the others, and I found, as a programmer, that I could do pretty well anything I wanted with it to create custom functions and modules for customers. Best of all, though, was the admin system. It was so simple, almost anyone could just log in and start editing pages instantly. It also had the ability to allow an editor to use multiple menus and edit multiple sections on a page right out of the box.

Unfortunately, Website Baker is not being supported very well these days, and production and updates are few and far between. I still like it a lot, but it’s now not my only recommendation for a CMS.

Another thing that Website Baker can’t do is enable you to add a blog to your site. Well, there is a simple addon for allowing people to comment on pages, but it’s as simple as it comes. Instead of using Website Baker for the blog part of the site, I would use Website Baker for the CMS, and then just used WordPress for the blog part of the site. That required two different logins into two different administration areas, so it was a bit inconvenient to have that kind of setup.

WordPress – the best solution for a blog and CMS

In the last year, I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work for a local company. When I first started, they told me that they wanted to create CMS sites for customers using WordPress. At first, I didn’t think that was going to work out so well, but when I started to learn more about WordPress and how it could be used as a CMS, I gradually started to convert. As a programmer, and by adapting the skills I learned while working with Website Baker, I was able to become quite proficient at using WordPress in a short amount of time.

The best thing about WordPress is that it can be used to both manage your blog and manage your website content. Of course, since it was first developed as a blog platform, that is where its main strength lies (WordPress is by far the most used blogging platform), but its CMS features are also good for doing what most people need done.

To learn more about WordPress, I recommend checking out the offical Wordpress site at http://www.wordpress.org.

In my next article, I’m going to share some information about some of the things I do when I’m developing a WordPress site. Stay tuned.